Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

new remix

 Nano Infect - Danceslut
(from the album: "Remixes of Denial")


"essentials" has left the german electronic webcharts after 3 weeks with a peek-position on #6. thanks to all voters.

new remixes

Grausame Töchter - Vagina Dentata (from the album: "Vagina Dentata")

Circuito Cerrado - Shit happens (from the album: "Arrhythmia")

new best-of-compilation out on march, 24th 2016

new remix

Transistor - The Eagle
(from the album: Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor - Mission Rosetta - Philae - The Remixes 2k16)

new remixes:

Schwarzwald - Smell of pain

Alien Vampires - Drag you to hell

new date

xotox ist confirmed for the Amphi-Festival 2016

new remix

 a new remix can be found on this fine release:  Denny Engler - K15

new remixes

 i have made some remixes. you can find them on these releases:

Hocico - In the name of violence
Acylum - Pest
Resistor - Breathe

vinyl release

after the highly acclaimed album "Schwanengesang" xotox presents an exclusive add-on called > redux as a 12" vinyl and demonstrates once again his remarkable instinct for choosing colleagues and artists who have turned the hits of the album into their very own style. A release can´t be more various: Harsh Electro by Suicide Commando, pure electro terror of Ambassador21, complex Darkstep by aehm, melodic synthpop by Mondträume, Rhythm Industrial by Monolith, sick beats from KiEw and electronica from Sci-Fi Industries, the previously unreleased Rhythm Noise-Smasher "Ritmo Diabolico" and the hypnotic and searched-for "Guardian Angel". > redux < is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, 100 of them in red vinyl.
A must-have for collectors.


side a
01. slå tillbaka (remix by suicide commando)
02. revolution doesn't happen in the weekend (remix by ambassador21)
03. notwehr (remix by aehm)
04.  slå tillbaka (remix by mondträume)
05. ritmo diabolico

side b

01. notwehr (remix by monolith)
02. slå tillbaka (remix by KiEw)
03. muito fragil (remix by sci-fi industries)
04. guardian angel